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Wedding Venue Rental Tips

If you are planning for an upcoming wedding, rentals should be one of the top things in your mind. Rentals comprise a substantial part of your budget and you should plan in advance.

Moreover, you will also have to book in advance otherwise vendors may not be able to supply everything you need.

To avoid last minute disasters, keep a few rental tips in mind when finalizing Byron Bay wedding venues.

Services Provided at Venues

Many Byron Bay wedding venues offer all-inclusive packages that provide everything you will need for your marriage. This many include flowers, lighting and sound arrangement, seating and so on. If your venue provides all these, it’s a big time saver for you.

Otherwise, know in advance what all you need to rent for your upcoming wedding.

Tables with Suitable Covers

Speak to your caterer to understand how many tables will be required. Tables won’t be used only for dining. You will need tables to keep gifts, guest sign-in tables, tables for separate food stations and hors devours and so on.

The tables will also need suitable covers. You may want them in particular theme or in sync with the general decor. Rentals for table covers with themed designs will naturally cost you more.

To cut cost, you can opt for simple white table covers with tassles at the end.


After tables, chairs the most important thing in your rental list. You can expect most guests to turn up. Book adequate chairs so there are plenty of comfortable seating arrangements.

Regular chairs can be dramatically changed to something exquisite by draping them and tying a knot at the back with ribbons. Speak to your vendor about costs for such additional decoration.

Crockery and Cutlery

An integral part of table setting, here you can keep it simple or add as many fancy items as your budget permits. You can have different plates for different food items, silver forks of different types and customized or regular napkins.

You may also consider renting different types of glasses such as champagne flutes, wine glasses and water glasses and so on. It depends on how simple or extensive the menu is.

Light and Sound Arrangement

If you plan to party real wild, you will need to rent equipments for proper light and sound effects,

You can make the stage at Byron Bay wedding venues as elaborate as your budget permits with different lighting themes. You can also hire a DJ to play music of your choice and liven up the party further.

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