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Wedding Dress Ideas for a Farm Wedding

You want a farm wedding amidst picturesque surrounding and have already finalised the venue and other details. But what about the wedding dress? You’d want a dress that blends in perfectly with the rustic surroundings yet is glamorous enough to make you look lovely and stunning.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right dress for your Byron Bay farm wedding.

Long Sleeved Floral Gowns

A gown with lovely floral laces all over will look stunning against a farm background. Opt for pastel shades such as ivory or cream. Keep the back open by opting for a low cut while the front is covered with beautiful lace designing.

Keep the hair loose for a more rustic elegance that blends in perfectly with your Byron Bay farm wedding.

Full-body Gowns

You can create a different style in diverse cuts and designs even with gowns. Apart from open cut gowns, you can also take a look at full-body gowns with long sleeves and a boat neck. It’s an iconic design where a wider neckline goes just past the collarbone and highlights your figure gracefully.

To further add to the Byron Bay farm wedding theme, adorn your hair with a crown of wildflowers that will balance out the pale beauty of your classic dress.

Lacy Skirt and Top

If you are looking for a different style, try a lacy skirt with matching tops. The skirt falls to the ground and spreads out like a gown while the breezy top adds a bohemian character to the dress.

Dress designers for Byron Bay farm wedding will advise you to keep your hair brushed backward to highlight the beautiful bodice that adds a special character to this style.

Shorter Dresses

In rustic settings, wedding dresses in short length are extremely practical and look beautiful too. There are plenty of designers who specialise in Byron Bay farm wedding dresses and can design a short wedding dress that is both stylish and classical.

Paired with the right boots, this styling is just great for farm weddings.

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