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Tips for Throwing an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is one of the best ways to make your big day truly memorable. Away from the confines of a church or the crowd of the city, the outdoors offer innumerable options when it comes to selecting the location. Add to that the natural surroundings, the romantic air and pristine blue sky above and you can visualize a picture-perfect wedding.

However, in reality, outdoor weddings require a lot of planning so that things don’t go wrong and your day ends on a perfect note. So if you are planning for a Byron Bay farm weddingit’s always good to keep a few things in mind.

Plan Early

The earlier you start planning your wedding, the easier it will be to organize your Byron Bay farm weddingWhile planning, you need to visit multiple locations to select the right farm. The venue you select should not be too far from the city as most guests will be tired after a long journey.

Moreover, selecting a farm which is in the midst of wilderness may not be a great idea. You need to ensure that all essential amenities are provided by the farm owner or suitable vendors are available locally.

Prepare Your Guest List

The next thing to do is to prepare your guest list. Do not make the list too extensive or too short either. The outdoors provides plenty of space so accommodating lots of guests should not be a problem. However, in case you need to go indoors due to inclement weather or otherwise, inviting too many guests may not be a great idea.

The size of the farm and the indoor space it provides should a deciding factor while preparing the guest list for your Byron Bay farm wedding.

Finalize Your Budget

Once your location and the guest-list are finalized, it will be easier for you to decide on your budget. This will include the rentals, added expenditure for extra amenities, décor, seating arrangements and of course, the menu.

It all depends on your budget as to how extravagant your Byron Bay farm wedding can be. Having a budget helps you get a clear idea of how much you can spend under each head.

Prepare for Emergencies

Apart from the basic amenities, you also need to prepare for emergencies when opting for a Byron Bay farm weddingThe outdoors may provide picturesque locales but it is also susceptible to the vagaries of nature.

Arrange for tents and umbrellas in case it gets too sunny or the skies suddenly open up.

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