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Tips for Planning Your Wedding

When planning for a wedding, the earlier you start the easier for you to take care of everything. It’s a big day for you and the responsibilities are huge. So many things have to be attended to!

Whether it’s your personal attire and looks or booking the perfect venue for Byron Bay weddingsyou have to do a lot of running around.

To make things simpler and more organized, a few tips can help you keep things under control when planning for your wedding.

Start your Planning Early

Don’t wait till just a month is left for the big day. Once the date is finalized, start planning immediately. An early start gives you enough scope to ensure every little detail is taken care of.

It gives you a clear perspective of all that has to be done so that there are no last-minute disasters.

Decide on your Budget

Once you have straightened out all that needs to be done, start with you budget. This will include both your personal needs and requirements for the wedding.

Do not forget the small details that can actually escalate the costs substantially at a later stage.

Prepare your Guest List

Finalizing the guest list early is crucial. Everything, from the venue for Byron Bay weddings to the catering needs will depend on how many guests you plan to invite. Keep in mind the catering expenses before you want to include everybody you know!

Understandably it’s your big day and you want maximum number of friends and family to attend. However, you don’t want to overshoot your budget either. Be pragmatic and prepare your guest list accordingly.

Decide the Venue

Next on your list is the venue. This again will depend on your budget and guest list. There are plenty of options to decide from and you will have to do some hopping around. But with an early start, you can afford to spend enough time in selecting the right venue.

Keep in mind the services offered, restrictions (if any) and communication facilities while selecting the venue.

Contact the Vendors

Many venues offer all-inclusive packages for Byron Bay weddings that save you time and money.

However, if you want everything customized for a theme wedding, start contacting vendors at the earliest. You will need to talk to caterers, suppliers for lighting and sound-system, florists and so on to ensure everything is perfect. 

You should also start contacting dressmakers, hairstylists and beauticians and book your date so that you look just resplendent on your wedding day.

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