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Tips for Planning your Farm Wedding

Wedding at a farm is one of the most exotic destinations you can think of. In fact, there are several historical farms that rent out their premises for a rustic wedding. Such exclusive farms are rich in history and you would feel like wedding in a fairytale setting amidst all that nature and foliage around you.

Byron Bay farm wedding venues are definitely picturesque but there are certain things you must know before booking the site.

Farm Weddings are Expensive

Unlike city wedding venues that often provide all-inclusive packages, most farms do not provide full service. This means they will just provide you with the space and little else. You will have to make your own arrangements for chairs, tables, tents or canopies, lighting, sound and so on.

You will also have to pay for the cleaning up and usage of water.

If you have booked a farm that regularly rents out space for weddings, the owner might be able to help you to outsource all these from local vendors. Otherwise it’s best to consult a wedding planner that specializes in Byron Bay farm wedding.

Check for Proper License

Although obvious, but even then check that the farm you are renting has all the right licenses and insurance. Sound is a major issue even if you are in the middle of nowhere. Know beforehand for how long you can continue with your after-wedding party and how loud you can play the music.

Some farms require you to wind up early and you may have to book for dinner at a nearby inn.

Consider the Grounds

Outdoor weddings make for truly fabulous setting but it requires a lot of walking around. The grounds are expansive and there must be enough cars to carry the guests around; especially the elderly. Check if the venue has proper parking space for all those vehicles.

Also ensure that the farmhouse will provide you with adequate inside space in case it rains and the grounds turn muddy.

Plan for Adequate Restrooms

Portable restrooms are a must in farms that do not have adequate washrooms. You will have to make arrangements for restrooms that are both comfortable and up to the hygienic standard.

There are several portable toilet suppliers that can install the restrooms you require for your Byron Bay farm wedding. They will equip them with all modern amenities such as basins and adequate lighting.

They will even provide each restroom with hand sanitizers, air-fresheners and first-aid boxes to keep guests comfortable.

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