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Tips for Choosing a Farm for Wedding

Traditional wedding venues are a passé with many young couples today. Exotic locales, exceptional settings, themed decor; today’s couples are willing to go that extra mile to select that perfect wedding venue.

If you too are searching for an exclusive wedding locale, look no further than the rustic theme. In fact, more and more Byron Bay farm wedding venues are coming up as farm owners are more than willing to earn that extra buck.

But with so many farms to choose from, how do you know you have booked the right one!

A few simple tips can help you on the way so that you don’t end up with any unexpected troubles on the wedding day.

Check for Insurance and License

You like a Byron Bay farm wedding venue and want to book it immediately. But do you know if the owner has the required license and insurance to rent out the farm for commercial purpose?

Several owners rent out their farms illegally and if something goes wrong, you too will be in big trouble! Check for license for sound and lighting, public restrictions if any and insurance to cover any mishap.

Consider the Location

Rustic settings make for perfect Byron Bay farm wedding venues but not all provide the serenity you desire. Some farms are located to close to railway lines or the highway while others are too close to neighbours for comfort. You don’t want your wedding day to be disrupted by loud noises or nosy neighbours.

Choose a farm that is truly located in the midst of nature, far away from all kinds of disruptions.

Check for Climate Control

Farms are set in natural surroundings but being outdoors the entire day can become uncomfortable after some time. Select farms that have the right climate-control features for various seasons.

You cannot enjoy your after-wedding indoor party if you are sweating in summer or shivering in the winter. The best barns have the right air-conditioning or heating arrangements to help your guests relax and enjoy themselves.

Check for Indoor Washrooms

Many farms provide portable toilets or you may have to outsource them. But these are quite disgusting and unhygienic; something you want to avoid.

Choose a farm that has proper indoor washrooms where you and your guests can freshen up in a comfortable setting.

Check for Restrictions

Always ask about all restrictions and rules you need to follow. You should be absolutely certain about the rental hours, sound and light restrictions, usage of water and other such practical necessities.

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