Lochelen | Three Reasons Why You’ll Love a Farm Wedding Venue

Three Reasons Why You’ll Love a Farm Wedding Venue

If you are planning a summer wedding, consider celebrating your big day in the countryside. Farm weddings are the latest trend.

Although there are several reasons that make farms the perfect wedding venue, here are top three reasons that are sure to convince you to pick a Byron Bay wedding venues at the farm venue.

The Scenery

Few people these days have enough time to enjoy nature at its best. Your farm wedding can give them the perfect opportunity to escape the city life and appreciate the hues of nature throughout the day.

Many Byron Bay wedding venues are set amidst expansive lush greenery with age-old mountains in the background. It is a wonderful feeling to say your vows in such verdant surroundings under a clear; blue sky.

And as the day passes through to sunset, you and your guests can enjoy the myriad shades that light up the evening sky. It’s the perfect ending to a beautiful day before the night party begins.

The Space

It is but natural that you would want to invite as many people as you want to share your happiness on your big day. A city wedding venue or a church with limited space is not exactly suitable for such a large wedding party.

On the other hand, Byron Bay wedding venues come in different sizes to accommodate all your guests. With unlimited space at your disposal, you can make the wedding venue look as grand as you want. Your guests too will be happy to walk around between ceremonies instead of having to sit in one place.

Furthermore, the spacious natural surroundings with unconventional décor somehow create a happier atmosphere and everybody has a good time.

The Décor

Byron Bay wedding venues offer unlimited choices in terms of decor. City weddings have a certain formality attached to them which you can completely do away within a rusting surrounding.

Let your imagination run as wild as nature itself and be inspired by your natural surroundings when selecting the decor for your Byron Bay wedding venues.

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