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Questions to Ask when Choosing a Venue for Your Corporate Event

Planning for a corporate event is much more than preparing presentations and focusing on the seminar. There are lot of things that go behind making such events a success and each requires proper planning.

To ensure your Byron Bay corporate event ends smoothly as planned, you should first be sure of certain things.

What is your Budget

Before finalizing a venue, consider a rough budget for the event. Many venues provide all services for the event as a package. Some provide only catering and you have to make your own arrangement for other things. Some offer only the space and everything else from décor to dinner is your own headache.

Keep all these in mind and speak to several venues and vendors to finalize the budget.

How Large is the Event

Before selecting the venue, keep in mind the type of event you are hosting. Is the venue large enough for your Byron Bay corporate event or too large for a small event? If the venue has a preset décor, you may want to change it to suit your theme. This will incur additional cost.

Before booking ask if the venue can be adjusted to suit your needs. You may also ask the venue owner to show you pictures of similar events held earlier.

Can the Venue Accommodate all your Guests

Large empty venues often look quite constricted with all those decorations. And if all guests do turn up, the atmosphere can become quite claustrophobic. Ask beforehand if extra space can be created if required.

You can also try blank venues that have a lot of space with no prior décor. Such places are easy to customize as per your needs. 

Is there enough Space for Vendors to Unload

Corporate events require several additional items such as posters, buntings, banners, writing pads and pens, handouts and so on. You need a safe storage space where vendors can unload these and keep the empty boxes. Ensure the venue has a dedicated room for keeping such items.

Ask about Catering Services

Catering is an integral part of any Byron Bay corporate event. Ask the even owner if they provide in-house catering and if so, the charge per plate. If not, you will have to arrange for your own catering services. The venue should have a particular area or kitchen for outside caterers to do their work.

If outsourcing food, always ask if there are any restrictions on certain food types.

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