Lochelen | Planning a Farm Wedding — A Quick Guide

Planning a Farm Wedding — A Quick Guide

Gorgeous farms in the countryside provide the perfect locale for your wedding. It gives you and your guests the perfect opportunity to escape from the chaos of city life and enjoy a unique wedding away from traditional church settings. In fact, more and more couples these days are hosting their Byron Bay weddings at exotic farms located far away from the city.

However, before you book a particular farm just by its looks, consider carefully the various issues to make your big day a grand success.

Select a Theme

Unlike city wedding venues where your wedding theme options are limited, a farm in the countryside is almost like a blank canvas where you can select any theme that you fancy.

Some like to create a rustic theme by adding lots of flowers and foliage all around. Others like to create a glamorous garden theme by hanging chandeliers, Chinese lanterns, festoons and gorgeously draped seating arrangements.

Still, others like to keep it simple and natural by relying on the farm’s inherent charms. Simply said, a farm is an extremely versatile venue when it comes to selecting themes for Byron Bay weddings.

Consider the Size of the Farm

Do consider the size of the farm before preparing your guest list.

Some Byron Bay farms for weddings have certain restrictions and clearly demarcated areas for holding your ceremonies and parties. If you have an extensive guest list and would like to hold all your events at the farm itself (including after-wedding party), select a farm that is large enough to accommodate all your guests comfortably.

Also, discuss with the owner if you will have access to additional space if there is an unexpected overflow of guests.

Consider the Layout

Albeit picturesque, the countryside does have its own pitfalls too. Byron Bay weddings held at farms do not include just the farm but its total surrounding area.

Check to see that the grounds are well-maintained with no dug-up areas or holes where guests can trip and hurt themselves. The surroundings should also be free from pests, bugs, mosquitoes and other insects that can make the venue unsafe and uncomfortable.

Consider the Amenities

Above all, discuss the amenities provided such as water, hygienic washrooms and electricity. Most Byron Bay farm venues for weddings charge for these in addition to the rentals. Also check if the farm has local vendors for decoration, catering, lighting and sound arrangements and so on.

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