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Photo Booth Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

Photo Booth Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

The best thing about an outdoor wedding venue is that it offers plenty of space for unique and innovative décor ideas and props to make your big day unique. One of the best décor ideas for outdoor Byron Bay weddings is to have a photo booth in ingenious designs.

Cleverly designed and customized photo booths not only act as a major focal point of your wedding, it also provides a fun opportunity for you and your guests to take some exceptional and unconventional photographs.

Types of Photo Booths

Before you get all excited and book a photo booth, it is important to understand the different types of photo booths.

Photo booths can be either enclosed or open in design. Enclosed booths have walls, panels or curtains to ensure complete privacy for the users. They are just perfect when you want funky, unconventional wedding photos with your better half or with the family.

Open photo booths are just what they are – open from all sides. Open photo booths can, of course, accommodate more people and add to the fun factor as others can watch as you or somebody is getting photographed.

An open photo booth allows all your guests to actively participate in the photography sessions even if they are not an actual part of the photograph.

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at some options you can consider for your Byron Bay weddings.

A Vintage Photo Booth

This traditional photo booth replicates the vintage elegance of original photo booths while being fitted with modern digital technology. These are perfect for outdoor Byron Bay weddings that have a vintage theme.

Many of these vintage photo booths are equipped with traditional chemical ink processing technology to create that authentic look of vintage prints.

A Retro Photo Booth

If you love the styling of the 70’s or the 80’s, go for a retro photo booth that can recreate the feel of that era. Retro photos have a feel of nostalgia and make for perfect wedding photographs.

Moreover, the retro look is trending right now, so a retro photo booth can be a unique experience for your guests at outdoor Byron Bay weddings.

Novelty Photo Booths

This is perhaps the craziest photo booth you can hire for your outdoor Byron Bay weddings. Photo booth operators turn caravans and cars into enclosed photo booths with fun graffiti, cartoons or messages drawn on the outside. Such booths are extremely colourful and enhance the fun atmosphere at your wedding.

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