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Outdoor Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Couples these days are forever on the search for that exact outdoor locale that will make their marriage day unique and memorable. You too have decided to have an outdoor wedding and have found that perfect location. But are you sure what you see is what you will get on your big day?

Outdoor Byron Bay wedding venues definitely make your wedding gorgeous and fascinating. However, you need to keep a few things in mind that can affect the overall ambience of your venue.

To make your wedding perfect in every way, avoid some common mistakes that can spoil all your efforts and expenditure.

Not checking the Venue Thoroughly

Don’t select an outdoor locale just by its outward looks. Check the area thoroughly to be sure that it is free from pests, bugs and mosquitoes. These can not only be a constant irritant but guests can also fall sick if bitten by any of the above. Ensure that the area is cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before your big day.

Safety is of paramount importance especially if you have several kids among your guests. Check to see there are no water bodies or railway tracks nearby your Byron Bay wedding venues that can pose a danger. It is best if the venue is demarcated clearly with barbed wires so that guests do not stray far away.

Not Checking the Amenities Offered

The Byron Bay wedding venues you shortlist must provide all the basic amenities such as water, electricity and hygienic washrooms. Portable toilets are uncomfortable and unhygienic too.

The venue you select should have adequate arrangements to make your guests feel comfortable whenever they need to go indoors. It should have adequate temperature control measures and adequate space in case guests decide to party indoors or the weather turns bad.

Not Checking for Hidden Costs

Many owners do not specify their terms and conditions clearly. Avoid such venues where you don’t get a clear idea of the rentals and any additional cost that might escalate your budget at the last minute.

Owners of reputable Byron Bay wedding venues will answer all your queries regarding their rentals, additional costs, restrictions in any and so on.

Not Checking for Local Vendors

Hosting a wedding party outdoors requires a lot of legwork if you try to do it on your own. Most Byron Bay wedding venues have local vendors attached to them who can take care of your decorations, seating arrangements, lighting fixtures, menu and so on.

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