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Outdoor Wedding Décor Ideas

The best thing to outdoor weddings is perhaps you have innumerable choices when it comes to the venue. You can have your wedding at a farm, in a public park, a private garden and even your own backyard! And with so many unlimited options, the decor too can be as fantastic or as simple as you like.

When Byron Bay weddings are held outdoor, you can opt for a fairytale wedding with all paraphernalia or keep it simple with close friends and family. Whatever be your budget and inclination, there are several décor ideas to that make an outdoor wedding venue look incredibly beautiful.

The Entrance Arch

One of the best things about outdoor wedding is that you can create a beautiful arch to lead to the entrance to the venue. Since outdoor wedding are not held in closed areas, guests might get confused if there is no proper entrance or signboard.

A beautiful floral arch with lots of seasonal flowers and foliage make for a beautiful entrance arch with your name written on it.

The Seating Arrangement

Outdoor weddings are all about guests enjoying themselves amidst nature. You must have adequate seating arrangements to accommodate all guests comfortably. Add a personal touch to the chairs by draping them and tying with colourful ribbons.

Or you can make floral bouquets in the couple’s initials and hang them at the back of the chairs.

Floral Decorations

When you are marrying under the blue sky with greenery all around, you must have lots of flowers too. Flowers make the ambience look more natural and add a touch of grace and tradition to Byron Bay weddings.

If you have separate tables with clusters of chairs around, you can opt for beautiful floral centrepieces for each table. You can even decorate your wedding cake with seasonal flowers that makes it look so rustic yet exotic.

The Wedding Canopy

Another best thing about outdoor wedding is that you can have a beautiful canopy under which you say your vows. With the right fabric, flowers and accessories, the canopy can become a stunning focal point for outdoor Byron Bay weddings.

Outdoor Lighting

If the wedding party goes on late into the evening, the outdoor setting is just perfect for creating a magical atmosphere. Hang fairy lights from tree branches all around and decorate fringe bushes with them.

Once the evening sets in and the lights are on, the outdoor space will look truly like a fairyland.

For additional drama, hang large paper lanterns at specific places to create focal areas where guests gather over glasses of wine.

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