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Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas

The outdoors are just perfect for hosting a wedding reception. You have plenty of options when you plan to say your vows in the midst of nature. A private garden; a historic farm; the beach or even your own backyard can act as the perfect location to host Byron Bay weddings.

However, no matter how exotic or simple the location is, you need the right décor to create the right impression. When it comes to Byron Bay weddings, the planning is best left to an expert wedding planner. With years of experience in designing outdoor wedding venues, a planner can help you select the right décor while staying within your budget.

Create a Stunning Backdrop

Any outdoor location will require a focal point as there are so many distractions all around. Creating a stunning ceremony backdrop where you will take your vows. A century-old tree decked with floral garlands or a simple blackboard with the names of the couples written in bold can be your ideal ceremony backdrop.

You can also create a floral wall using local blooms and lots of foliage to make your ceremony background look gorgeous.

Byron Bay outdoor weddings are also held under canopies decorated with exotic blooms and colourful paper decorations.

Use Flowers Profusely

Flowers have the power to make any outdoor venue look extremely romantic and verdant; no matter how drab the locale is. Whether it’s your backyard or the beach, choose the right blooms that are affordable yet create an exotic effect. Add lots of foliage to enhance the natural look of your surroundings.

Opt for Paper Décor

If flowers eat up a substantial part of your budget, consider paper decorations. These are cheaper and can be designed beautifully to create a dramatic effect. Hang colourful festoons from tree trunks or install paper lanterns at strategic locations to create a spectacular effect.

In fact, most Byron Bay weddings that are held outdoors opt for a harmonious combination of floral and paper decorations to create the right ambience.

Deck up the Seating Arrangements

Outdoor weddings provide lots of options when it comes to seating arrangements. You can install swings decorated with floral garlands for the kids, drape chairs in satin and add pillows for more comfort or even convert tree trunks into an unusual seating arrangement.

Whatever be your preferred style, planners for Byron Bay weddings can offer you the right tips to make you seating arrangements look attractive and be comfortable.

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