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Outdoor Corporate Event Theme Ideas

Daily office work can be very monotonous and stressful for your employees. Provide them with a much-needed break by organizing your next corporate event in the outdoors. In fact, research shows that outdoor corporate events are great for increasing inter-personnel bond and improving the performance of your employees.

There are several options to choose from when you decide to hold your Byron Bay corporate event outdoors. From trendy beach parties to barbeque picnics with families included, there are several ways you can help your employees unwind and relax in natural surroundings.

Organize a Charming English Tea Party

The English afternoon tea party is an event in itself and you can use it creatively to organize your own version of a great afternoon outing for your employees.

A private garden with lush foliage all around can be the perfect venue for such a Byron Bay corporate eventDecorate the venue by adding floral arrangements and colourful paper decorations in your company colours.

People will want to roam around and enjoy themselves at your Byron Bay corporate event so create little conversation areas where groups can sit and just unwind themselves.

Don’t forget the food in keeping with the theme. The English tea party involves an eclectic mix of afternoon finger food such as sandwiches in different flavours, tarts, canapés, jam cakes, exotic biscuits and pastries and so on. Children will simply love gorging on these while your employees bond over cups of tea and casual banter.

Host a Cocktail Party by the Bay

Australia is blessed with some truly gorgeous beaches and these can become the perfect venue for your Byron Bay corporate eventWith the right decorations such as buntings, festoons, tents and beach chairs, your event will have an almost carnival-like look that your employees and their families will enjoy thoroughly.

In the afternoon, you can hire a boat or a yacht and take your employees for a ride on the ocean while they sip on exotic cocktails (and of course mocktails for the kids). Nothing can be classier than watching the sunset from a yacht as you sip on cocktails and enjoy the view.

Organize a Barbeque Party

A barbeque party is perhaps the ultimate when it comes to hosting a thoroughly enjoyable outdoors event. There are several Byron Bay corporate event venues where you can plan for a barbeque party for your employees.

Apart from the alluring smell of fresh; off-the grill barbeques, the casual atmosphere and the fun in the air are just great for team-building.

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