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Finding the Right Wedding Venue

If a wedding is on the cards, one of the first things you need to ensure is the venue. You will have to hop around a lot to find a wedding venue that is perfect within your budget. But with a few pointers, it is not that difficult either to find just the right venue where great Byron Bay weddings can be held.

Search the Internet

Look up the internet for some great wedding venues in your areas. Most of the top venues provide enough details on their website for you to decide. Speak to people you know who have had weddings at such venues. Understand their experience so you know what to expect.

Finalize the Wedding Date

It becomes easier to shorten the list of prospective venues once you have decided the date. Be a bit flexible in this as you may find a particular venue you like already booked.

Have a time frame in mind such as certain dates within; say; two weeks. This gives the venue owner enough time to accommodate your booking. .

Call for an Appointment

Once the date is fixed and you have decided on a few venues, call for an appointment. Ask a lot of questions. The owner will have nothing to hide if it’s a transparent deal. Look around the venue for a first-hand feel. Understand if it will match your vision and wedding theme.

This is where all the hard work is. But if you really put your heart into it, you will definitely find your dream venue for the perfect wedding.

Prepare your Guest List

It’s always good to have a rough guest list ready while going to check out venues for Byron Bay weddings. Even if you are not sure about the exact head-count, you should have a general idea. It will be easier to finalize the venue if you are sure it can accommodate all your guests.

Some venues can customize their area to suit some extra guests. Talk in details about all this when you go for your appointment.

Be Realistic about your Budget

While selecting Byron Bay weddings venues, remember it’s not always about the rentals only. Some venues have all inclusive packages where they provide everything such as lightings, decor, seating arrangements, sound system and so on.

Some have their own catering and charge accordingly. Some offer only the use of the venue and you may have to arrange your own vendor for other things. Keep all these in mind so that your marriage does not leave your broke.

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