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Farm Wedding Venue Checklist

Farm wedding venues are trending right now and not without reason. These venues are incredibly romantic with their natural setting. They offer enough outdoor space to suit any décor and the open feel makes for a fun-filled, thoroughly enjoyable wedding.

There are several Byron Bay farm wedding venues you can choose from. However, remember that not every venue is the same. When you go out of your way to spend so much time choosing a particular farm, don’t just settle for the views.

A detailed discussion is absolutely necessary with the venue manager before you make your booking.

Know the Basic Amenities

Farms don’t offer the same facilities that banquet halls would. Each Byron Bay farm wedding venue has its own services and restrictions. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for.

The most important questions to ask would be how many guests are permitted, whether the farm has the necessary permits such as liquor license, are there are any sound restrictions or time limit for the programme?

Also, ask if there are rooms available for the wedding party and the guests to put up and get ready? If not, you will have to hire hotels nearby. Toilets are another issue you should be clear about. A farm that does not have toilet facilities is best avoided as portable toilets are both uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Additional Services Offered

Some Byron Bay farm wedding venues offer all-inclusive packages that include seating arrangements, crockery and cutlery, tables with coverings, sound and light facilities and so on.

Others offer only the basic amenities and everything else has to be hired from third-party vendors. Assess which option is more cost-effective and hassle-free.

Protection against Bad Weather

The weather in Byron Bay can be unpredictable. It’s essential that the Byron Bay farm wedding venue has a back-up plan in case of inclement weather. Clarify if you can use the rooms in case the skies open up or if the farm is climate controlled. You want the best for your guests and they should feel comfortable irrespective of the season you are getting married.

Other Facilities

Although charming and exotic, farm weddings come with their downsides too. Most farms are located far from the city. So the Byron Bay farm wedding venue should offer adequate parking space.

The terrain should also be wheelchair friendly as you will love to invite elderly relatives some of who can be physically unfit. Also, check if the terrain is smooth enough so that guests can walk around freely without the fear of a fall.

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