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Farm Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations not only provide essential details but are a reflection of your personality and style. They also give an idea of what’s to come on your big day.

If you have decided on a Byron Bay farm wedding, the design of your wedding cards should reflect the ambience of your wedding venue.

Timber Textured Cards

Nothing spells rustic as well as natural timber. Invitation cards in shades of natural timber are just perfect for a Byron Bay farm wedding. You can personalise them further by selecting the shade, design and style. Some cards even have a heart etched in the middle with your names on it.

Cards with Hints of Countryside Greenery

This is a beautiful design that represents the countryside at its best. These Byron Bay farm wedding invitations feature a wood textured grainy frame all around the front side. Touches of leafy greens at places complete the rustic look while creating a stunning contrast between hues of brown and shades of natural green.

Cards with Burlap and Lace Frame

This gorgeous looking Byron Bay farm wedding invitation flaunts the shades of natural fibres such as hemp or jute. The beautiful lace border all around creates a perfect balance while exuding a breezy, natural look.

An excellent choice when you want your wedding invitation to reflect the beauty of the countryside in a stylish manner.

Rustic Glamour

Byron Bay farm wedding invitations need not be only about rustic shades and greenery. You can up the glamour by opting for a card with a linen textured background that is interspersed with faux gold flowers. The contrast between pale linen and shining gold flowers gives this card a stunning character of its own.

A Bohemian Look

The unconventional bohemian look is also an excellent choice for farm wedding invitations. These cards mostly come in white with different textured background with a floral border. It’s a simple design but perfectly reflects the free spirit in you that matches with your rustic wedding theme.

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