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Five Tips for Making Your Outdoor Wedding Special Outdoor weddings add a touch of novelty to your big day. The rustic settings amidst nature create an aura of romance and fantasy that is hard to replicate in closed spaces. No wonder, more and more couples these days are opting for outdoor Byron Bay wedding venues to celebrate their wedding day in an open and fun atmosphere. So what can you do to make your wedding extra special? Here are five tips to make your wedding one that your guests will remember for years. Make your Hobby Your Exclusive Theme Plan your wedding décor according

Farm wedding venues are trending right now and not without reason. These venues are incredibly romantic with their natural setting. They offer enough outdoor space to suit any décor and the open feel makes for a fun-filled, thoroughly enjoyable wedding. There are several Byron Bay farm wedding venues you can choose from. However, remember that not every venue is the same. When you go out of your way to spend so much time choosing a particular farm, don’t just settle for the views. A detailed discussion is absolutely necessary with the venue manager before you make your booking. Know the Basic Amenities Farms

Photo Booth Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding The best thing about an outdoor wedding venue is that it offers plenty of space for unique and innovative décor ideas and props to make your big day unique. One of the best décor ideas for outdoor Byron Bay weddings is to have a photo booth in ingenious designs. Cleverly designed and customized photo booths not only act as a major focal point of your wedding, it also provides a fun opportunity for you and your guests to take some exceptional and unconventional photographs. Types of Photo Booths Before you get all excited and book a photo

Gorgeous farms in the countryside provide the perfect locale for your wedding. It gives you and your guests the perfect opportunity to escape from the chaos of city life and enjoy a unique wedding away from traditional church settings. In fact, more and more couples these days are hosting their Byron Bay weddings at exotic farms located far away from the city. However, before you book a particular farm just by its looks, consider carefully the various issues to make your big day a grand success. Select a Theme Unlike city wedding venues where your wedding theme options are limited, a farm in the countryside

Daily office work can be very monotonous and stressful for your employees. Provide them with a much-needed break by organizing your next corporate event in the outdoors. In fact, research shows that outdoor corporate events are great for increasing inter-personnel bond and improving the performance of your employees. There are several options to choose from when you decide to hold your Byron Bay corporate event outdoors. From trendy beach parties to barbeque picnics with families included, there are several ways you can help your employees unwind and relax in natural surroundings. Organize a Charming English Tea Party The English afternoon tea party is an event

Couples these days are forever on the search for that exact outdoor locale that will make their marriage day unique and memorable. You too have decided to have an outdoor wedding and have found that perfect location. But are you sure what you see is what you will get on your big day? Outdoor Byron Bay wedding venues definitely make your wedding gorgeous and fascinating. However, you need to keep a few things in mind that can affect the overall ambience of your venue. To make your wedding perfect in every way, avoid some common mistakes that can spoil all your efforts and expenditure. Not

An outdoor wedding is one of the best ways to make your big day truly memorable. Away from the confines of a church or the crowd of the city, the outdoors offer innumerable options when it comes to selecting the location. Add to that the natural surroundings, the romantic air and pristine blue sky above and you can visualize a picture-perfect wedding. However, in reality, outdoor weddings require a lot of planning so that things don’t go wrong and your day ends on a perfect note. So if you are planning for a Byron Bay farm wedding, it’s always good to keep a

The outdoors are just perfect for hosting a wedding reception. You have plenty of options when you plan to say your vows in the midst of nature. A private garden; a historic farm; the beach or even your own backyard can act as the perfect location to host Byron Bay weddings. However, no matter how exotic or simple the location is, you need the right décor to create the right impression. When it comes to Byron Bay weddings, the planning is best left to an expert wedding planner. With years of experience in designing outdoor wedding venues, a planner can help you select the

Traditional wedding venues are a passé with many young couples today. Exotic locales, exceptional settings, themed decor; today’s couples are willing to go that extra mile to select that perfect wedding venue. If you too are searching for an exclusive wedding locale, look no further than the rustic theme. In fact, more and more Byron Bay farm wedding venues are coming up as farm owners are more than willing to earn that extra buck. But with so many farms to choose from, how do you know you have booked the right one! A few simple tips can help you on

When planning for a wedding, the earlier you start the easier for you to take care of everything. It’s a big day for you and the responsibilities are huge. So many things have to be attended to! Whether it’s your personal attire and looks or booking the perfect venue for Byron Bay weddings, you have to do a lot of running around. To make things simpler and more organized, a few tips can help you keep things under control when planning for your wedding. Start your Planning Early Don’t wait till just a month is left for the big day. Once the

Anybody who has planned a corporate event knows just how difficult it can be to make it a success. If you are in charge, there are loads of things to arrange and multiple vendors to contact. With a zillion things to plan, it is indeed a huge responsibility to organize a corporate event smoothly. If you are about to organize your first Byron Bay corporate event, do not get overwhelmed by all that is to be done. A planned approach with a few simple tips can make your task simpler and more organized. Understand your Goals Before you plunge into planning,

Outdoor wedding venues have become extremely popular of late because of their exotic locales and special touch. You can have your wedding at an old barn replete with history, a private garden with glamorous decors, a private beach house with a yacht party, a public park or even your own backyard to save money. The choices are limitless which makes outdoor weddings so popular. In fact, outdoor Byron Bay wedding venues offer several benefits that make these the perfect wedding venue for your upcoming wedding. Limitless Options As mentioned above, when it comes to outdoor Byron Bay wedding venues your choices are

Wedding at a farm is one of the most exotic destinations you can think of. In fact, there are several historical farms that rent out their premises for a rustic wedding. Such exclusive farms are rich in history and you would feel like wedding in a fairytale setting amidst all that nature and foliage around you. Byron Bay farm wedding venues are definitely picturesque but there are certain things you must know before booking the site. Farm Weddings are Expensive Unlike city wedding venues that often provide all-inclusive packages, most farms do not provide full service. This means they will just

The best thing to outdoor weddings is perhaps you have innumerable choices when it comes to the venue. You can have your wedding at a farm, in a public park, a private garden and even your own backyard! And with so many unlimited options, the decor too can be as fantastic or as simple as you like. When Byron Bay weddings are held outdoor, you can opt for a fairytale wedding with all paraphernalia or keep it simple with close friends and family. Whatever be your budget and inclination, there are several décor ideas to that make an outdoor wedding

Planning for a corporate event is much more than preparing presentations and focusing on the seminar. There are lot of things that go behind making such events a success and each requires proper planning. To ensure your Byron Bay corporate event ends smoothly as planned, you should first be sure of certain things. What is your Budget Before finalizing a venue, consider a rough budget for the event. Many venues provide all services for the event as a package. Some provide only catering and you have to make your own arrangement for other things. Some offer only the space and

If you are planning for an upcoming wedding, rentals should be one of the top things in your mind. Rentals comprise a substantial part of your budget and you should plan in advance. Moreover, you will also have to book in advance otherwise vendors may not be able to supply everything you need. To avoid last minute disasters, keep a few rental tips in mind when finalizing Byron Bay wedding venues. Services Provided at Venues Many Byron Bay wedding venues offer all-inclusive packages that provide everything you will need for your marriage. This many include flowers, lighting and sound arrangement, seating

Searching for a wedding venue that is both unique yet practical? Look no further than the countryside! Yes, farm weddings are all the rage now and not without reasons. It is an exceptional experience to say your vows under the open sky amidst nature. But that is not all. There are several reasons why more and more couple are opting for a Byron Bay farm wedding. The Countryside is an Empty Canvas You can decorate a farm just the way you want; something you cannot do with venues having preset decor. Farms have a natural colour scheme with neutral floor and

If a wedding is on the cards, one of the first things you need to ensure is the venue. You will have to hop around a lot to find a wedding venue that is perfect within your budget. But with a few pointers, it is not that difficult either to find just the right venue where great Byron Bay weddings can be held. Search the Internet Look up the internet for some great wedding venues in your areas. Most of the top venues provide enough details on their website for you to decide. Speak to people you know who have had

With the infrastructure to design and build custom cooking sets, Lochelen EVENTS have the ability to manage the all-promotional aspects from staging and logistics through to talent sourcing and staffing. Lochelen EVENTS have facilitated a wide range of successful food events, cooking demonstrations, food festivals and food retailer sampling. Specific Services provided include: Custom built cooking sets Lighting Audio visuals Food sampling carts Staffing Talent sourcing (Celebrity chefs and presenters)

The Lochelen Events live music production technical team collectively offer years of experience across a wide range of live venues including festivals, theatre, pubs and clubs. Our Services Include: Custom built staging Sound and audio visuals Special effect lighting Talent sourcing and management Staffing and logistics

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