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Benefits of an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding venues have become extremely popular of late because of their exotic locales and special touch. You can have your wedding at an old barn replete with history, a private garden with glamorous decors, a private beach house with a yacht party, a public park or even your own backyard to save money.

The choices are limitless which makes outdoor weddings so popular.

In fact, outdoor Byron Bay wedding venues offer several benefits that make these the perfect wedding venue for your upcoming wedding.

Limitless Options

As mentioned above, when it comes to outdoor Byron Bay wedding venues your choices are limitless. You need not have to change your wedding date just because a particular venue is already booked.

This makes your overall planning easier as you will not have to reschedule your dates for vendor bookings and such other arrangements.

The Outdoors are like Empty Canvases

Outdoor venues have no restrictions on themes and decor. City venues already have an existing decor and you have to spend extra to create your particular theme. But with outdoor venues, you can start from scratch. You can keep it as simple or as exotic as your budget permits.

You can select any theme to suit the surrounding and decorate it the way you like. There are no strict dress codes for your guests either.

Outdoor venues give you the freedom to plan your wedding within your budget.

Natural Surroundings for that Special Feeling

Getting married on the beach or a mountain locale really makes your wedding extra special. The naturally exotic surroundings are beautiful as it is and it requires little effort to spruce them up further.

All you need are the basic necessities such as chairs and seating arrangements. And if you plan to party well into the night, you will need adequate lighting and sound system. That’s all!

You need not hire expensive decorators to create a particular look as you would have to in city wedding venues. The luscious foliage all around or the sparkling sea as the backdrop provides for great photo ops without spending a fortune on specialized decors.

Limitless Space

Unlike city venues, outdoor Byron Bay wedding venues offer you limitless space. Your guests can move around, enjoy the locales, relax in natural surroundings and have a generally good time.

Kids can also play around and you can even arrange for special entertaining events to keep guests engaged. 

All these give your outdoor wedding venue a personal touch about which guests will keep on talking even months after the event is over.

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