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Benefits of a Farm Wedding

Searching for a wedding venue that is both unique yet practical? Look no further than the countryside! Yes, farm weddings are all the rage now and not without reasons. It is an exceptional experience to say your vows under the open sky amidst nature. But that is not all. There are several reasons why more and more couple are opting for a Byron Bay farm wedding.

The Countryside is an Empty Canvas

You can decorate a farm just the way you want; something you cannot do with venues having preset decor.

Farms have a natural colour scheme with neutral floor and walls. Large spaces, pretty vintage beams and high ceilings can be transformed into any theme. Your evening party will be scintillating with buntings, lanterns and flowers hanging from those wooden beams.

In fact, farms are so versatile that you can make the venue look glamorous or retain the simple; rustic charm. You can even mix and match themes for a more exotic Byron Bay farm wedding experience.

Add a touch of History

Some farms are replete with history. They have been in existence for centuries that add an extra charm to their very existence. You will find plenty of rich historical artefacts in such farms such as maybe an old weathercock or a thatched clock that still keeps time.

Guest can walk around and experience the history of the place and appreciate its tradition. And wouldn’t it be truly an amazing feeling to get married under a centuries-old tree!

All these little things make a farm the ideal wedding venue that your guests will remember for years.

Lovely Settings

Undoubtedly, farms have a certain picturesque quality about them that make such venues so special. It’s almost like a picture-postcard wedding with the rural, idyllic setting of the countryside all around.

Celebrating your Byron Bay farm wedding among fabulous views in the lap of nature is truly an experience to cherish. Some farms also keep exotic birds that play among the foliage to create an extra special ambience.

An Experience for your Guests

Give something more to your guest than just a wedding reception. Escaping to the countryside and enjoying the day is not something your guests do too often. They will love the occasion especially if it is planned as an extended weekend.

There is plenty of space for kids to play around; guests to relax and the menu can be as extensive as you want.

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